replace mx440 with 6600?

  keef66 16:57 21 Feb 2006

Athlon XP2100+, 512 mb pc2100 DDR, win XPhome SP2, MSI Socket A AGP4x mobo. Question is, how much difference would I notice in 1 or 2 year old games if I replaced the Geforce MX440 graphics card with a 6600 vanilla? Would games look £75 better??

Or with a 4 year old pc should I go for a 5600ultra which Morgan are selling with 3 games for £35??

  g0nvs 17:20 21 Feb 2006

Quite a lot. Go fot It!!!

  BigRik 17:41 21 Feb 2006

Go on. Spoil yourself with the 6600. As g0nvs says, you'll really notice the difference.

  surfsteruk 18:16 21 Feb 2006

I would recommend the 6600GT. Improved games quality and performance enormously!

  Totally-braindead 18:18 21 Feb 2006

There is huge gap between the MX you have now and the FX5600 Ultra and there is also a huge gap between the FX5600 Ultra and the 6600. But as you know theres also a huge price gap.
I have to say that it depends on your motherboard, if you can keep it and add a faster processor and more faster memory then I'd go for the 6600, if however you can't upgrade the processor then I would go for the FX5600.

Now the reason I said this is, the FX5600 ultra is a good card and will play most games but the very latest games such as FEAR it might struggle with, games like FEAR also need a fast processor. Your processor meets the minumum requirements for the game. But even though I say that, the minimum requirements are always rather conservative, I mean they don't lie but it might be too slow to be playable unless you turn everything off. So even if you spend the extra money on the 6600 it might still not play as the processor isn't fast enough.
Hope I'm not complicating this too much but if you can fit a faster processor then you can keep the PC for a while, use the 6600 graphics card and all well, but if the board can't take a faster processor then I personally think you'd be as well saving the cash, buying the cheaper 5600 Ultra as when you replace the PC later on it will probably have PCI Express and you couldn't use your old graphics card on it anyway.

  Totally-braindead 18:21 21 Feb 2006

Oh should have said, regardless of which one you buy you may need a new power supply as both cards take their own power supply lead as well as what you get from the AGP slot.

  keef66 22:59 21 Feb 2006

you have summarised my dilemma exactly. The fastest cpu for this mobo is an Athlon XP 2600+ 266 fsb, and they are no longer available new. I just want an agp card which will get the best out of this system for the time being, and the 5600 ultra plus an extra 512mb ram looks like being the most cost effective way of doing it.

Power supply upgraded recently and have plenty of spare power connectors, so that's not an issue.

As you say, the next upgrade will be a replacement pc with PCI-e, dual core, and whatever else they've invented in 2 years time.

Thanks all for the comments.

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