Replace Laptop Battery with external battery

  xelaspt 01:41 23 Jan 2017

Good evening, I've googled extensively trying to find an answer but with no luck. I have an ASUS N61JQ and this is the second OEM battery I buy for it. I'm tired of buying battery packs for it and was thinking about replacing the battery with an external LiPo or 18650 pack that would plug at the same port the battery plugs. I'm just afraid the laptop won't accept it as input or, even worse, tries to charge the battery when it's plugged in. I really only want the battery just for those cases I move the laptop around so I won't have to shut it down. Can you give me some advice on it? I really wanted to be able to build an external battery pack that would be plugged in when the laptop was pluged to the charger without any problems and that would work as an external battery if I unplugged it. The external battery would be charged with a LiPo charger, not with the laptop's internal charger.

Thanks, Alex

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:26 23 Jan 2017

you can buy external battery packs that plug into the power socket.

So I would place a new jack socket on a lead and solder to the DC jack and bring the lead out into the old battery compartment.

  Forum Editor 09:33 23 Jan 2017

I have got to say here that we cannot recommend any DIY solution that involves adapting a laptop's battery compartment wiring in any way.

  alanrwood 09:45 23 Jan 2017

I would have to agree with the FE. Never try to change or modify the power supply to any laptop or mobile. Battery technology is pretty complicated nowadays with safety features built in. The risks are obvious as Samsung have just found out to their cost of $5.3 billion. The battery and the inbuilt charging circuitry are designed to work together and include sensors etc. Maybe the 2 OEM batteries you bought were from the really cheap end of the market. Never buy the cheapest.

  xelaspt 12:36 23 Jan 2017

Thanks for the help. I basically wanted to plug an external battery to the battery plug at the laptop, that battery would have an internal protection circuit and the laptop would basically just receive the 12V. After not getting very far with that idea, I'm now considering building an external power bank, that would plug to the charger port. Thanks!

  Belatucadrus 13:44 23 Jan 2017

This of any interest ?

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