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replace iPad and laptop with one device??

  wasbikebloke 16:24 08 May 2016

Anyone suggest a device to replace my iPad Pro and Windows laptop? I want a Windows device to maintain compatibility. I need to do everyday tasks and have at least 512gb memory and all day battery life. I love the look of the Lenovo Yoga 900s but there seems no hope of it landing in the Uk. Everything else I see is well over 1kg and personally I don't think anything over 1kg can replace a tablet. I love the new Samsung tab pro s but 128gb is useless. I love the surface pro but £1800 for a tablet? The HP 360 is great but far too heavy. Why so few 512gb 2 in 1 devices and why so expensive? The MacBook is great but no touchscreen, no tablet mode, no digitiser, have to change to OSX, and there hope?

  difarn 22:08 09 May 2016

Have you had a look in Currys? According to their website there are several 900s available.

click here

  sharpamat 08:30 10 May 2016

Look at Microsoft surface

  Gordon Freeman 09:07 10 May 2016
  wasbikebloke 22:05 10 May 2016

Surface book - great but far too heavy. Want to have the keyboard with the device so it's more flexible and less likelihood of needing the keyboard but leaving it at home. Surface pro = great but expensive. Curry's have Lenovo Yoga 900 not 900s. Many thanks all

  difarn 18:12 11 May 2016

According to a guy in my local Curry's store he has heard that it may be availablein the UK during June. I haven't seen this confirmed anywhere.

  wasbikebloke 21:10 11 May 2016

I've always had full i7 but I'm interested to see if I'll notice the difference if I go to the mobile chip. I love the idea of a lighter device with no noisy fan, and I don't play games or edit video.....anyone using the M7 for their main PC? Any drawbacks?

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