blowermk 20:31 01 Mar 2009

Can you help please?

I have a Dual core Evesham PC running Windows Media XP with a Foxconn 946 7MA motherboard. My DVD RW has failed. I have mistakenly purchased a new DVD RW drive with a SATA connection rather than an IDE connection. The motherboard has two spare SATA connections so I thought I could connect the new DVD RW to one of these. However, when I re-booted the system I had lost the hard drive with Windows on it. I would appear to have recognised the DVD RW drive though. I guess my question is can I use a SATA connection for the new DVD-RW, recognising that the DVD drive is still on the IDE cable and that I have two hard drives on SATA connections on the PC? Also I am not sure how to set up the BIOS.

With the old failed DVD-RW drive in the PC the BIOS is set up as follows:

IDE Channel 0 Master: Sony DVD Rom

IDE Channel 0 Slave: Sony DVD RW

X IDE Channel 1 Master

X IDE Channel 1 Slave

(above two “greyed out”)

IDE Channel 2 Master (ST3160815AS) (Hard drive with windows on it)

IDE Channel 2 Slave (None)

IDE Channel 3 Master (ST3320613AS) (other hard drive)

IDE Channel 3 Slave (None)

Any help would be appreciated.

  ambra4 23:35 01 Mar 2009

Your wiring of the hardware from the motherboard should be wired as followed

SATA Port 0 would connect to the Hard Drive with the OS

SATA Port 1 would connect to the Second Hard Drive

SATA Port 2 would connect to New Sony CD/DVD RW Burner

SATA Port 3 Blank

SATA Port 4 Blank

SATA Port 5 Blank

The single IDE Connection would connect to the Sony DVD Rom as master and remove the old


Personal I always set the CD/DVD drive as my first Boot device and the Hard Drive with the OS

as the second boot device

Some people would say this is wrong but I find that if I have to do a repair or reboot from the OS

CD/DVD I do not have to be fiddling around and changing the boot setting in the Bios

Just load the CD/DVD and restart the computer

  CalmCookie 00:25 02 Mar 2009


Go to your headed Intergrated Peripherals....then selct ENTER....highlight ONCHIP IDE ENTER...scroll down to the bottom of the page and highlight ONCHIP Serial ENTER...highlight ENHANCED.

Push F10 and except changes...and PC should reboot with all devices found.

Your manual can be found here: click here

You have a Socket 775 board and I believe it's a 946GZ7MA

Another good site that explains drive set up is click here


  blowermk 19:42 03 Mar 2009

Thanks for your help

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