Replace HDD in 14" Laptop (PB EasyNote NM85)

  onion86 10:56 17 Oct 2012

Hi all,

My gf's laptop is ridiculously slow and I have a spare 128GB Crucial M4 SSD that I was going to put in to speed it up, the only problem is that the HDD doesn't seem to be easily removable like most laptops I'm used to (just slide out of SATA connector then remove).

The laptop is a Packard Bell Easynote NM85 (14") Tesco link to Laptop Does anyone know how I get the hard drive out of this particular model? (Packard Bell forums no longer available)

I'll take some pictures tonight if required but basically there is the normal removable cover over HDD/RAM but inside there is a metal cage around the HDD that clips under the shell and 0 space to remove it, maybe due to not having as much space as a regular 15". I can't find any other posts about this on forums/youtube etc. The next step is to remove the shell of the laptop but thought I'd ask for advice unless I'm missing something blindingly obvious as that seems too much effort for a simple job!

Thanks very much, Stu

  northumbria61 22:59 17 Oct 2012

You should find instructions here (page 4) enter link description here

  northumbria61 23:00 17 Oct 2012
  onion86 12:16 18 Oct 2012

Thanks for the reply northumbria but that isn't my laptop; I'm aware of Tim's site and had already looked through all of the easynote service manuals here (full list of Packard Bells as my first port of call but mine is not listed and none look like mine.

I did take some pics last night and I'll post them up this evening as they're on my camera at home but the base looks like this TS13. As you can see, the HDD/RAM cover is at the top of the pic, the HDD itself is under the top right, there is no access or removable sections from either side of the case left, right so the removable section is the only access.

Will post up the pics of HDD in situe tonight.

  onion86 12:18 18 Oct 2012

Note I say the pics above look 'like' my laptop (it isn't the actual model), the HDD/RAM cover looks identical and sides are filled with ports, which's why I used it.

  northumbria61 13:01 18 Oct 2012

Try Packard Bell Support enter link description here Calls cost 10p per minute.

  woodchip 17:10 18 Oct 2012

My Medion Had side loaded drive but screws was in the side. It may also be behind the battery. Take the Battery out and have a look

  onion86 00:32 19 Oct 2012

Here we go, Rear of Case and HDD in metal casing. As you can see it doesn't come out of the side, there are audio ports there as the above photos I'd already posted and described. the 2nd pic shows the casing as far as it can be removed.

I was kind of avoiding calling PB support because they'll no doubt say "take it to a laptop repair place and pay them £££ to do this simple job because we won't tell you how".

  lotvic 11:15 19 Oct 2012

It looks like the metal bracket casing is 'hinged' via the screws at far end and that's as far as it moves. I think the HDD is supposed to rise up with the metal bracket so that you can then disconnect the cable to the HDD.

  onion86 12:14 19 Oct 2012

Have found this which has the Acer model numbers for the laptop, still can't find any references on how to remove the hard drive though :(

  onion86 12:19 19 Oct 2012

Hi lotvic, the problem is the 'hinge' is actually two bits of metal sticking out from the metal casing going physically between the front/rear laptop casing, in my 2nd pic 'hinging' the casing I've removed all screws attached to the HDD/metal case in any way. The SATA connector is also soldered to the mobo, not on a cable of any sort so raising the HDD up much at all will more than likely damage the connector.

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