replace hard drive on dell latitude x300

  mcds01 11:48 28 Oct 2004

can someone tell me how to do this? It seems I will have to completely open the laptop? Is the drive hard to get at?

  Smegs 12:29 28 Oct 2004

My wife has a Dell company Laptop, (sorry, I can't tell you what it is, as she's at work), the hard drive just pops out under the laptop it's self. There should be like a button you have to press/slide.

Sorry can't be more help. If you haven't sorted it by the time she gets home about 7pm, I will have a look at her's and just double check.

  woodchip 12:52 28 Oct 2004

And on my Medion you have to take two screws out on the side, about he width of a floppy drive

  mcds01 13:55 28 Oct 2004

the x300 is one of the ultra slim ones - the only screws on the back are for memory module access. The only other screws take the case apart.

  dan 11 14:24 28 Oct 2004

The dell latitude x300, striped down. click here

It may help you.

  Smegs 21:59 28 Oct 2004

Sorry, it's a Latitude C640.

The way to take the h/drive out of this, is turn it upside down, next to the floppy drive is another compartment, this is the h/drive. And theres a slide like button which slides to the right. This then releases the h/drive.

Manners, wouldn't go amiss.

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