Replace hard drive on Acer E3-112 with an SSD?

  Sago48 09:40 20 Nov 2014

Hi. I'm thinking of buying an Acer E3-112 but only if I can replace the 500gb SATA drive with an SSD at some point. Because it's quite recent I can't find out if the hard drive is accessible and swoppable. Does anyone know, or can someone point me to a link that tells me?


  xania 10:42 20 Nov 2014

Typing your question into Google, I found loads of advise on this including:

click here I would have thought that you could also get more specific advice (and avoid affecting warranty) if you first discussed your requirements with Acer - see click here


  xania 10:44 20 Nov 2014

last part chopped off ---

but I would have thought your first port of call (and also to avoid any warranty repercussions) would have been to contact Acer support - see click here

  Sago48 11:19 20 Nov 2014


I'm OK about how to do it but needed to know if there is a header in there that a new (SSD) would fit into. I know from experience that this is variable by model.

So thanks for the link to Acer - last time I tried them the chat was down and I'd forgotten about it. They were really not keen to tell me at first, but in the end said yes it can be replaced

Many thanks.

  xania 09:11 21 Nov 2014

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