'Replace Battery' mesage for wireless mouse

  ricjsan 12:46 18 Jul 2004

A message window constantly pops up to say "replace your wireless mouse battery". The batteries are fine and I am unable to cancel the message or click the "remind me later" box. It seems to have been set up as part of NVIDIA desktop manager - I have a NVIDIA FX 5500 graphics card. Anyone know how to stop this window appearing.

  AndySD 13:01 18 Jul 2004

The optiond for the NVIDIA desktop manager are in the control panel. But my first thought would be to reinstall the mouse drivers.

  david.h 13:15 18 Jul 2004

someone needs to invent a mouse that sits in a rechargable pod when not in use like you get with wirless headsets.

  Stuartli 13:40 18 Jul 2004

No need to invent any such thing.

They've been on sale for some considerable time...:-)

Here's just one of many I made earlier;

click here

  ricjsan 13:43 18 Jul 2004

Andy and David

Thank you for the swift responses. I understand that you can get a wireless mouse that sits in a charger but it is expensive - i guess i keep buying the batteries.

I cannot reinstall the drivers as it all came pre-loaded. I cant find anything to do with NVIDIA or desktop manager in the Control panel ! I have emailed NVIDIA - no reponse yet.

  Totally-braindead 13:50 18 Jul 2004

ricjsan as a suggestion and it'll cost you less than £10, why not buy one of the Lidl chargers from the supermarket £4.75 I think they are and batteries on sale this week £1.99 for 4 whether you use AA or AAA. Then all you do is keep a set fully charged, when it comes up with the annoying window put a fresh set in and put the others on charge. Added advantage is the charger will charge 5 different sizes of batteries so if you have anything else you use batteries in get some rechargables for that eg if the kids use personal stereos or you have a tape deck or something you use down the garden. I use rechargables on my cordless doorbell as it runs through a set of batteries every couple of months.

  ricjsan 14:01 18 Jul 2004

TBD - thank you. Your handle applies to me also !

The real problem is the re-appearing window about replacing the batteries when the batteries are OK. Replacing the batteries has no effect

  Stuartli 14:17 18 Jul 2004

Re nVidia - have you opened Display Properties from the Desktop, open the Settings tab and then the Advanced button?

You should find an nVidia tab for your graphics card and the nVidia nView manager.

I've always disabled the nVidia manager - it causes more problems than it prevents. Disable it from Control Panel (nVidia nView Desktop Manager).


Mouse batteries (AAA alkaline type) should last many weeks even with regular daily use.

  ricjsan 11:17 20 Jul 2004

Thank you all for your responses. I had a detailed email back from Nvidia but it seems that it was not a software problem. Nvidia do not usually deal directly with customers but do provide several help sites and FAQs.

I spoke to the PC manufacturer and HP are replacing the mouse - apparently they have seen this problem before and it was a rogue mouse !

Thanks to all for your help.

  Sans le Sou 14:14 20 Jul 2004

I have a Logitech cordless optical mouse - eats Duracells, considering buying a corded optical for the price of a packet of batteries. Not as heavy also.

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