Repeated ‘Installing update 1 of 6’

  past it 18:00 01 Sep 2012

I am using Windows XP Home Edition.

Every time I switch off my computer the ‘Installing update 1 of 6’ notice comes up telling me not to switch off, that it will happen automatically when update is finished. This takes about 20 mins. I have tried going through this procedure, letting it switch off, then immediately switching back on again, then straight away turning off but still the notice. I accept that sometimes I expect this to happen with genuine updates, but not always 1 of 6, and not every time. Any advice to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 01 Sep 2012

sounds as if the first update is corrupted

Do a system restore to a time before the attempted update then let windows re-download the update and reinstall.

  past it 18:48 05 Sep 2012

Sorry to be so long coming back on your suggestion Fruit Bat. However, I am a little bothered about restoring my system as you suggest, because on looking back it seems this problem started just over two months ago just after I had a new DVD rewriter installed. I had always had a DVD player but it packed up, hence a new one. I contacted the person who installed it for me and told him my problem, but he insisted it was nothing he had done. He did install a couple of other programs - I think VLC media player was one (because I believe Windows Media Player was not compatible (or maybe he thought not so good) with this New DVD, and I think the other was Nero because he said it was better for burning. Because of the new software he installed I am reluctant to go back and do a System Restore to before that date in case I loose what he put on. I cannot risk that happening with my limited knowledge. At least I can play and copy a DVD. Any other guidance you might have would be appreciated

past it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:59 05 Sep 2012

See if anything here helps

if not then

Nero 9 free here

VLC here

once you have the problem sorted you can download and reinstall them.

  past it 18:19 10 Sep 2012

Dear Fruit Bat

Thank you for giving me the links for Microsoft ‘Fix It’ etc. I tried everything that was suggested but still the problem (repeating updates 1 to 6 when I ‘Turn Off’) was not solved, but I think I have found a way round it. When I shut down, instead of clicking on ‘Turn Off’ below it is a link with two options which says Click Turn Off to install important updates and turn off your computer and Click here to turn off without installing updates so I now use this link all the time instead. I am now reviewing my Microsoft update history every day, and so far it shows in the 'Status' column next to the appropiate date that the updates (always 6)succeeded. I am also advised that my computer is set to receive security & critical updates automatically and also that my Automatic Updates are turned ON, so even though there is something not quite right, I am happy to carry on this way for the time hoping it will not cause any trouble. Because of this problem, I now have much more confidence to try many more things to understand about how a computer works, so thank you again for responding to my question.

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