Repairs requied to computer operator

  billyliv 18:20 09 Jan 2004

Hi All, In your opinion ( The best Brains around). What is the best and most efficient 'HOT TODDY' to shift a stubborn chest cold? My work is suffering. Cheers, Bill

  Djohn 18:24 09 Jan 2004

Honey/Lemon/Brandy, and a half tea spoon of sugar, pour a little hot, but not boiling water in, sit back and enjoy! ;o)

  MichelleC 18:27 09 Jan 2004

Viti C, lots of, and hot fluids. Bless you.

  ©®@$? 18:30 09 Jan 2004

adding to my postings for future reference

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:34 09 Jan 2004

Double whisky mac.....W and Stone's Green Ginger, always used by my grandmother as a 'cureall'. Soon as the symptoms of cold/flu start I have 3 of them :-))). Not had a cold or flu for 20 years (apart from a snotty nose).


  Fred the flour grader 18:43 09 Jan 2004

Billyliv, try this:

four bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale, followed by a double Southern Comfort with two parts creme'de'menth and a splash of lime cordial.

It might not cure your chest cold, but by god it will not worry ya for a few days.

  minter 18:59 09 Jan 2004

Half a cup of lemonade, stick it in the microwave for a minute or so until it is 100 deg. C, or thereabouts. Carefully remove from microwave and pour in as much rum as is to your taste. Sip it till it is gone.

Then start again.

After a couple of these barbed wire will slide down your throat, breathing is a lot easier, no rukkles, no tightness.

And the cold symptoms, you couldn't care less!!!

  terminus 19:19 09 Jan 2004

A clove of garlic followed by at least a double brandy....
After that a couple of doubles of anything.

  billyliv 19:29 09 Jan 2004

Thanks All, I wont click as resolved yet in case some more beauties come in. When I come home from the club tonight I will start with Djohns suggestion and work my way through them until I can get to the stage when I can say I'm cured. cheers, Bill

  Chegs ® 19:30 09 Jan 2004

I always go and get "p"'ed as a newt,does naff all for the symptoms,but by the time I've sobered up,my body is usually able to start fighting the germs.

  Pesala 19:32 09 Jan 2004

Would you go to your doctor if you had a problem with your PC? Half these guys are drunkards. (~_~)Michelle's advice is about the best. Go talk to your pharmacist.

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