Repairing XPP SP2 and Ulead VS11+

  zoobie 00:53 28 Feb 2008

It seems either VS11+ makes it or breaks it with my setup. After a hard crash, VS refuses to open or save anything. I've reinstalled and all that rot but I believe it's corrupted my OS again. Now my question...What's the best way to repair my OS? With VS11+ installed and repair or without VS11+ and then repair?

  zoobie 19:53 29 Feb 2008

I've uninstalled VS11+, repaired my OS, then reinstalled VS11. This usually works. However, not this time. VS is still closing on me when trying to do anything with it.

I've just found an extra 60gb HDD...Let's start with putting just the OS and VS11+ on it and setting up a editing profile which shuts off any windows activity in the background.

This drive thusly becomes dedicated to video editing which is recommended.

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