Repair XP install failed

  iqs 09:52 24 Dec 2008


Yesterday I posted a thread regarding a very odd prob with my pictures folder,did the usual repairs,all failed to address the problem.

So I decided the answer was a repair install.All went well until it requested the XP CD ???The disc was in the machine,but it required certain folders to be copied.

The message was the same as when I try and run sfc/scannow(posted a thread about this as well),I hope I remembered it correctly..

Files that are required for windows to run properly must be copied to the DLL.Cache

Insert your Windows XP Pro CD2 now.

Like I said this message always appears with sfc and now a repair install.

With my previous threads,the advice was to edit a file so it accepts the XPCD.


  Technotiger 10:15 24 Dec 2008

I don't know about editing a file to accept the CD, but it might be that the CD has a slight mark on its surface, causing it to me miss-read.

I have one of these to keep my important discs in good condition ...
click here

Or, it would appear to be getting to the stage of needing a complete re-install of your XP. First, you will need to back-up all your important stuff, preferable to another drive - then do a Full Install of your XP.

Other than the above, I don't know what else to suggest - except, going to the expense of another set of XP discs.

  Technotiger 10:17 24 Dec 2008

Ooops - causing it to be miss-read!

  johndrew 10:44 24 Dec 2008

If you are being asked to insert the CD when it is in a drive, it is likely the PC can`t find it. Generally you must use the same drive to do a repair as was used to install Windows.

Have a look at click here. I have used the information and it does work; go to `Other Problems` and look at `#1`.

You may also wish to consider bookmarking this site as it will solve a lot more hassles.

  iqs 11:31 24 Dec 2008

Hi Technotiger,thanks again for always being there.The disc has no noticeable marks,but I have placed an order for the item for future possible problems.
I am currently reinstalling my OS,I first tried PC Angel,did a non destructive restore,made no difference,so a clean copy of XP is now being installed.
I hope this sorts out these annoying problem,and hopefully the others I have experienced over the past few months.
If not,are you on-line tomorrow ;-)
Thanks again.

Hi johndrew,I considered what your link suggested sometime ago,but thought maybe a easier approach was best,looking back now,maybe it wasn't.Thank for helping.

I will keep you updated.


  iqs 19:24 24 Dec 2008

Hi,I spent most of today re-installing my OS and all the lovely apps as well.
Looking at how the OS responds now compared to how it did before,it was well worth the time.

Thanks for the help,

  woodchip 19:38 24 Dec 2008

Repair install should be run from boot not from within windows. boot with the cd

  iqs 19:43 24 Dec 2008

Hi woodchip,

I tried to repair the OS from booting from the CD,like I said above it asks for the XP CD ?.

  Technotiger 19:58 24 Dec 2008

Grreat, so I guess it is Happy Christmas after all!

  iqs 20:04 24 Dec 2008

A very Happy Christmas it is :-)

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