Repair outlook express?

  cara 13:16 07 Jan 2004

I am suddenly unable to view any folders via outlook express. Messages are downloaded, but I cannot view them.

Only a blue screen is displayed (connected possibly with Freeserve).

I have tried to 'change view' etc, but apart from the tool bar across the top, nothing else is viewable in Outlook express.

Do I need to repair it, or I am missing something basic?

Thank you in advance.

  johnnyrocker 13:18 07 Jan 2004

os? are you referring to attachments.


  cara 13:30 07 Jan 2004

Not just attachments. I am unable to view anything connected to O/E other than the top toolbar.

  Stuartli 13:33 07 Jan 2004

If you go to Add/Remove Programs and double click on Internet Explorer, you will get a panel up.

Tick Repair.

If this doesn't work then reinstalling IE (preferably the most up to date version you can find) over your existing version will retain your configuration and should put you back on track.

  cara 13:39 07 Jan 2004

Thank you. I am using BT Broadband. Where will I find IE?

  scotty 13:53 07 Jan 2004

Did this problem happen suddenly or did OE slow done over a period of time then stop altogether? If it slowed down, the problem could be bloated .dbx files (where your e-mails are stored). Even when you delete e-mails, OE does not clear them from the .dbx files. There is an option (under File I think) which tidies up these files. There is also an Index file stored in the same directory which can cause problems. I think you can just delete this file and it will be recreated (but best get confirmation from someone before you try this!!!)

  cara 13:56 07 Jan 2004

Problem happened suddenly.

  wildrover 14:08 07 Jan 2004

"I have tried to 'change view' etc," Have you had a look in 'view', 'layout'? - have you got the boxes ticked?

  wildrover 14:11 07 Jan 2004

Also, have a look at this click here maybe.

  cara 21:17 07 Jan 2004

Yes, all correctly ticked.

Wildrover, I have looked at the website, thanks. A bit complicated for me.

I think it would be best to reinstall outlook express. If I reinstalled the whole of the BT Broadband disc, would this wipe my current setup off?

  wildrover 22:11 07 Jan 2004

A custom install should allow you to install only the bits you need, that is Outlook Express. Personally I wouldn't reinstall the whole of BT broadband - your Internet Explorer and Outlook Express components are not really part of your broadband set up only utilities to allow you to use the internet. Internet Explorer and Outlook Express are linked (so see Stuartli's post above).
I suggest doing a search of your c drive for '*.dbx' (no quote marks) That should find any Outlook express files still on your computer. If you find any, double click one (try inbox.dbx if it is there). If you are asked for a programme to open it and Outlook Express is not listed (if it is, use it) browse to programme files, outlook express, msimn.exe - that is the outlook express programme. See what happens if you open it. If your dbx files are there you should not loose any emails, if not, you have already lost them!
I am wondering about the reference to freeserve and your use of BT broadband. I wonder if there is a conflict??? Don't know why there should be.

Re. the link above, are you using MacAfee's Virus Scan?

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