Repair laptop with faulty charging socket

  Graham. 23:18 03 Jun 2010

Friend has decided it is not worth a professional repair and has wrote it off. In the circumstances, I have offered to try to dismantle it to see what's to do.

I don't have the make or model to hand, but have previously searched for it (without success) for a diagram of some sort.

Question is, if I start taking screws out, are all sorts of springs going to pop and send bits flying every where, making re-assembly impossible?

  Dark Mantis 23:34 03 Jun 2010

You don't say what make/model it is but although laptops are quite tricky to get at the internals they are generally not as bad as you aremaking out. The problem is very common and can be an easy repair once you get at the socket.

  Graham. 23:36 03 Jun 2010

Thanks for the reassuring words.

  PalaeoBill 09:09 04 Jun 2010

Its a common fault and I have replaced the power socket on several Dell laptops now and a Toshiba (for friends and family). I had no trouble getting replacement parts; sourced them all from e-bay.
In all cases I had schematics that I downloaded from the manufacturers web sites. I also drew a picture of the laptop insides and taped the screws, dismantled components down to the drawing so that they went back in the same place/orientation. I strongly suggest you do the same, especially if you can't get a schematic.

It is not an easy task and you will need a soldering iron designed for the job (very fine tip). A general purpose one with a fat spade tip will just make a mess. If your a novice with a soldering iron I don't think that you will stand much chance but if the laptop is written off then there is nothing to lose. The key is to be quick so you don't heat up the surrounding components and board too much and use a desoldering pump for the extraction of the duff power socket.

Good luck

  Graham. 09:15 04 Jun 2010

Thanks for the advice, good point well put. I have been soldering since 1959 so I feel confident in that area.

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