repair internet explorer - is it safe?

  mco 11:11 08 Jan 2005

With increasing frequency the last couple of weeks I've been getting that 'msn internet explorer has encountered an errror and needs to close' message. I did a search on here and VoG posted a 'repair' link which I'm thinking of doing. My question is - as with all tampering with my pc! - it will be safe, won't it? I'm not going to lose it all together? I can use the internet fine apart from when I get this error message. What exactly needs to be repaired? What's happened to cause this?

  VoG II 11:13 08 Jan 2005

It is perfectly safe and certainly won't make things any worse.

It is possible that one or more files have become corrupt. How this happens is anyone's guess. Repairing should fix these.

IE repair click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:28 08 Jan 2005

All of us at sometime have had to repair IE or Windows or OE due to files becoming corrupted as they are rewritten to the harddrive during use of the relevant program.

It is perfectly safe and necessary to get rid of those annoying messages.

  mco 11:31 08 Jan 2005

Well, I just did it - and I'm still here so many thanks! Just have to wait and check I don't get the annoying message anymore....

  anniesboy68 20:50 23 Mar 2005

Re the repair to XP....VOGs iformation from "click here" wants the XP installation disk in. What if I only have a recovery disk???? will that work, please anyone?

  stalion 20:59 23 Mar 2005

no don't use a recovery disk it won't work

  anniesboy68 10:01 24 Mar 2005


Hi everyone........I have been reading the posts nearly all afternoon for the same error as this.......also i have printed off the info for repair problem is..i cant get as far as Control start the repair....i have a full line of icons down the screen whatever way i try to open it.....any other way to do this please?????
OS is windows98/Me upgrade.........

Help please i dont know what else to do...


  sattman 21:30 30 Jul 2005

If you do a system restore, selecting a last known good date you should be able to recover from the problem. You might have to start your computer in safe mode to get to the restore facility in accessories

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