Repair installation of XP Pro hangs part way.

  m800afc 13:54 08 Jan 2010

I am trying to do a repair install of XP Pro. Unfortunately it hangs at the point when the XP screen with the XP logo appears. The message under the logo is "Please wait...". The cursor chnges to the hourglass, which does not change at all. I can move the hourglass with the mouse. The cd was cleaned before starting. I have tried the repair three times and it hangs at the same point each time. I think perhaps something on the disc is not being read correctly
If I can copy the installation disc to a new cd, would the new cd install XP Pro normally?

  MAT ALAN 14:00 08 Jan 2010

You could or (could you) borrow a copy of your chosen O/S and just use your licence key...

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