Reorganise the drives

  Trikie 09:12 03 Feb 2005

Replacement PC has the 80GB drive that was in the original partioned as E and F My data (documents and pictures) are on F, E is ready to be reformatted. New drive C is 80GB and has only programs on it.I do video editing and would like to use the 80GB solely for this.

Some programmes will only load in a C drive. Is it possible when reformatting E to call it C, transfer the programs to it and then reformat and rename old C to D? If so how and can a non-techy user do it safely?

  Sapins 09:33 03 Feb 2005

When installing programmes you should be able to choose the location for them during the install, they will default to the "C" drive but you can change it to any drive. You should see a "Browse" button, on the right where it says destination folder, which you use to choose the drive you wish to install on.

  plsndrs3 10:40 03 Feb 2005

You cannot rename another drive C as this is the bootable drive. You will have already booted and therefore windows won't allow you to call another drive by the same letter - or to change the drive you have just booted from.

There are programmes available to move programmes from one drive to another. I used to have Symantec OnSuite that would do just this. I am unsure if there are free programes available but I guess other forumites may be aware of some.



  Trikie 13:42 03 Feb 2005

Thanks both. I have found that a few programs will not load or transfer to anywhere other than the C drive.

Is an alternative option to partition the C drive, allocating 15 or 20 GB as C for the programs and calling the remaining 65 or 60 say D and using it for video? If so, same question - how easy?

  plsndrs3 14:09 03 Feb 2005

Very easy - use something like Partition Magic & it almost does it all for you!


  Trikie 23:11 03 Feb 2005

Thanks plsndr3 - I'll get that and give it a try.

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