reoccuring security breach with hotmail account

  [email protected] 05:55 02 Sep 2014


I have am constantly having someone from the US; I am in Australia accessing one of my Hotmail accounts. Have changed PWD around 3 times but keeps happening .

Is this common with Hotmail accounts.

Do I need better anti-virus software.

Have "NORMAN" loaded !

Thanks Sue

  wee eddie 09:56 02 Sep 2014

How do you know that this is happening?

By the way, using your email address as your handle is asking for spam

  lotvic 11:28 02 Sep 2014

Check that your alternate email addresses and mobile number are correct and yours when you are changing your password. It could be that other party is receiving the info as well as you. CLickHere

  iscanut 11:28 02 Sep 2014

"I have am constantly having someone from the US" Not sure what you mean. What is NORMAN ?

  BillSers 12:32 02 Sep 2014

Norman is a security suite.

I found Hotmail to be the least secure of all email accounts so changed to Yahoo.

  Devil Fish 00:51 03 Sep 2014

may be a case of easy to guess passwords never had problem with hotmail my self

1st of download a copy of malwarebytes take advantage of frre trial you can still use it free after the 30 day trial period click here and run it

after that has run change your password on hotmail and use min 8 characters using upper case lower case and characters IE !"£$%^&) within your new password so for an example Tcx_172 i use longer passwords but something like that should meet your needs be random don't use something easily guessable


  Devil Fish 00:53 03 Sep 2014

need edit update should be before and run it

  lotvic 12:11 03 Sep 2014

Devil Fish, note: leave at least 2 spaces (I do 4 to be on safe side :) after you've pasted link - then pca formatting won't shift to bottom of post the first word after link.

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