Renumbering jpg images

  J. I. 15:49 27 Sep 2007

I have recently been on holiday and taken jpg images on 3 different smart media cards. Each card when displayed on the computer starts with 0001. I now want to join them up and place in one folder, the way they are nunbered at the moment wont allow me to do this. My question, is there a quick way to change the numbering on the other 2 cards in order to accomplish this. Im fully aware how to change each one individually although this is a very slow way of doing things. Any one with the knowledge of doing this quickly will be very much appreciated

  Pamy 15:54 27 Sep 2007

I think a free program like Irfanview will allow batch renumbering. Others will soon advise in more detail I'm sure

  Quiet Life 16:18 27 Sep 2007

Yes Irfan will do it and also Adobe Elemnts.

  Quiet Life 16:18 27 Sep 2007

Yes Irfan will do it and also Adobe Elemnts.

  bretsky 16:21 27 Sep 2007

I use this free utility click here

which when you first open the progam is quite daunting, but once you've mastered how to use it, it will prove invaluable.

bretsky ;0)

  m800afc 19:41 27 Sep 2007

Use "Renamer" its free and does the job.

click here

  Jak_1 00:45 28 Sep 2007

look here.
click here

It's freeware.

  DieSse 00:53 28 Sep 2007

I concur with bretsky - I use that program a lot and it does loads of useful things with filenames.

  Snec 01:15 28 Sep 2007

If you are using Windows XP, then it has a built-in function to rename and number a series of files
click here

  J. I. 16:50 28 Sep 2007

Thank you all for your help in resolving this problem. In the end i used the facility recommended by Snec using xp, I did try out the other 2 programs and found they worked just as well. Now i know of three different ways to renumber my files, all of which i will use in the future. Once again, my thanks to all of you.

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