Renewing IP address

  Chadders1989 01:06 05 Aug 2008

I have a laptop and a desktop running on a wireless Bt homehub network, but the laptop will not receive any packets. I understand manually entering the IP address will solve this, but what do i need to enter as the IP, DNS and subnet mask? and where do i find these numbers?
any help greatly appreciated

  G0lfer 07:07 05 Aug 2008

Select RUN

Type cmd hit return

A new window pops up

Type ipconfig and hit return

You should see all these details

  G0lfer 07:09 05 Aug 2008

Run cmd <Return>

ipconfig <Return>

  Chadders1989 13:56 05 Aug 2008

what do i need to put for default gateway?
also, do i need to manually enter details for the DNS server?

  Ditch999 15:51 05 Aug 2008

I dont think using a static IP address will solve your problem.
Try rebooting your router and flush the DNS cache in your laptop by
Start>Run>cmd>ipconfig /flushdns

Does the wireless icon beside the clock say you are connected to any network or does it say there are any wireless networks available?

Check no-one has switched the wireless off via a physical on/off switch on the laptop.

  Chadders1989 15:58 05 Aug 2008

yes, it says i am connected to BT Homehub, with excellent signal, and i know the wireless network is connected to the internet as the desktop can connect fine.

What do you mean the on off swith on the laptop? It is connecting via a wireless netgear card

  Ditch999 16:16 05 Aug 2008

"It is connecting via a wireless netgear card"
Some laptops have built in wireless with an on/off switch at the side. People accidentally switch it off sometimes.

Have you tried temporarily disabling your firewall?
What is your IP address as assigned by the BT hub?
then hit Enter
I should be something like

  Chadders1989 16:20 05 Aug 2008

yeah it doesnt have built in wireless, its a card, but the lights on it are flashing so i assume it is workking, and i am connected to the network.

i get

connection specific DNS Suffix:
Autoconfiguration IP Address: 169. 254.
subnet mask:
Default Gateway:

  Ditch999 16:55 05 Aug 2008

The IP address tells you that the router is not assigning an IP address to the laptop and the laptop is then assigning a private one of its own from the default MS ones.

Did you try flushing the DNS cache or r click the wireless icon beside the clock and click on Diagnose and repair then select renew IP address

  Chadders1989 17:04 05 Aug 2008

i have flushed the DNS cache yes, and when i click repair, a message shows,
"The following steps of the repair operation failed: Renewing the IP address.
Please contact your network administator or ISP.

  Ditch999 17:04 05 Aug 2008

If you want to assign a static IP address go to your PC that is connecting correctly to the net and use Start>Run>cmd>ipconfig /all
then hit Enter
Write down the
IP address,
Default Gateway
DNS servers
DHCP server
Subnet Mask (usually

Go to the laptop and enter the same details in the Network Connection except for the IP address which you need to add five on to the end number ie becomes
This will enable four other devices to connect to the router without throwing up an IP conflict.

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