renew IP address failure

  FreddyNoFriends 22:32 13 Mar 2010

Hi all.
I have Virgin Broadband XL, a cable modem and a Belkin router. My computer, running XP service pack 3, is connected to the router via an ethernet cable, and there are three other computers around the house connected wirelessly.
Recently my internet speeds have dropped significantly, with web pages half loading then simply freezing. Sometimes they load properly when I hit the refresh button on IE, other times it just stays frozen. Nothing I do can seem to fix it.
So far I've checked my connection is set to obtain IP address and DNS address automatically, have checked my cables are fitted properly, rebooted the router and the modem, run Malwarebytes, Crapcleaner, Superantispyware, AVG, Advanced system care, done ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew, reinstalled IE8, run disk cleanup, defragged, etc, etc.
Yet when I right click on the local area connection and hit "repair", I still get a message saying the IP address could not be renewed.
I dont download anything near 3Gb in 8 hours, so there's no way I'm being "throttled", so now I've run out of ideas.
Can anyone suggest what else I could try? Would it be worth trying to use one of these internet booster programs?

  DieSse 22:38 13 Mar 2010

Try rebooting your router. Unplug it from the mains, leave it for a few minutes, then plug it back in. It'll take a minute or two to reboot.

No, you have a basic issue - no software add-on is going to fix that. Internet "boosters" are rarely of much use on broadband anyway.

I may also be a router/cable modem fault, or a cable fault somewhere - so try calling Virgin and see what they have to say.

  VoG II 22:44 13 Mar 2010

The advice I had some time ago from a very helpful Virgin technician was:

- shut down pc, unpower cable modem and router

- power up the modem and wait till it has booted up (a couple of minutes, until LED displays are stable)

- power up router and wait similarly

- start up PC.

On the rare occasions I have done this, it has worked without fail.

  FreddyNoFriends 22:44 13 Mar 2010

Thanks DieSse but I've tried rebooting the router more times than I can count.
I have noticed that a new IE window will be fine for a while, but after a few jumps between websites starts to slow down. Could it be an IE setting?

  FreddyNoFriends 22:46 13 Mar 2010

Thanks VoG - but I've tried all that too. Still the same...

  robin_x 23:33 13 Mar 2010

I once had to not only power down my AOL USB modem, but physically remove the USB cable from my modem.

Rebooted PC, powered up modem and plugged back in.
(Or was it reboot PC, plug back in then power up modem?)

Anyway it worked.

Not sure what cables you have but unplug them and try again? As above.

  FreddyNoFriends 23:51 13 Mar 2010

Already tried that too robinofloxley.
Thanks anyway.
Anyone know why I cant renew my IP Address?

  wiz-king 07:35 14 Mar 2010

How old is your cable modem? I has similar problems last year and after doing a few tests Virgin arrange a engineers visit and a new modem. That restored my speed and cured the dropouts and freezing, he also found that the cable line attenuation needed altering as the modem was being overloaded. Great service from Virgin cable.

  birdface 07:54 14 Mar 2010

Try Command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns and then press enter.
it should tell you Dns cache has been flushed,if so reboot and see if it makes any difference.
Small gap between ipconfig and forward slash or it will not work.

  birdface 07:55 14 Mar 2010

oops you already tried that Sorry.

  birdface 08:11 14 Mar 2010

If you upgraded to the 50mb broadband did they send you a new modem or are you still using the old modem.
Is it only the one computer connected by the ethernet cable that is giving you problems or all of them.
This is the speed test that Virgin engineers use.

click here

Do you have a secure connection with your router as some of your neighbors could also be using it.

I used to have the same sort of problem and eventually got them to send out an engineer.
he was on my computer for about 2 minutes then went outside to the cable box on my wall and fitted a new filter and that sorted it out.

Now your problem is phoning them its free with the 150 number and just hope that you do not get put through to the foreign call centers.
it could take a while.

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