render time in Pinnacle 8

  Jabba10 00:12 09 Dec 2003

Hi everyone.

I wonder if you could help. After re-installing Pinnacle 8 (and getting the updates), I've found that rendering a movie for DVD has started to take the best part of around 7 hours! (it used to be about an hour).

Have I done something silly?...or is there an option that I should be selecting somewhere?

Your wise words would be appreciated!

  mole44 08:07 09 Dec 2003

we need your system details,i use pinnacle 8 and i think you`ll find if you use fancy transisions between scenes renering time will be take longer.i have a amd 2600 with a 1 gig of ram and find rendering ok,as to speeds well i`ve never measured it as i leave it to go overnight.look in the pinnacle forum on ther wen side its like walking through treackle but you may find your answer there.

  stlucia 09:05 09 Dec 2003

As mole44 says, we need more details -- have you checked that there's nothing running in the background using memory and/or processor resources?

By the way, I consider myself very lucky if I can manage to render a movie in less than 8 hours! (Athlon 600Mhz, 256Mb memory).

  MichelleC 09:23 09 Dec 2003

I've never rendered to mpeg, only to avi, but my render times for a 45 mins training video will take about 4 hours max. Having and using 2 hd's (or more) assists in the render process (with prog on system hd and data etc on 2nd hd). Sometimes different rpm speeds can affect things (I've got 5400 + 7200) but much depends on other criteria too. A defragged hd will render faster; all non-vital b/g progs off (especially av and firewall [even when offline]); dma enabled; you can speed things up by tweeking cache settings;if xp or w2k increase your paging to 2 - 3 times total ram, with min and max the same.

Also render times vary depending on prog. With S7 my render times were about 1 - 2 hrs longer than with Video Factory.

If your render times have changed drastically with no device changes I'd have a look at your os. It may also be worth running a benchmark test on pc to see if there's any weaknesses.

  Jabba10 09:44 09 Dec 2003

thanks for your views guys...I've got an Athlon 2800XP with 512 DDR RAM and a dedicated second drive for video capture/edit (80GB).

The only reason I'm querying the speed is that a few days ago it was about four times as fast!

I can't disable my Norton Firewall as I accidentally got rid of the accompanying documentation and it always asks for a password (I don't know what the initial default one is (any ideas?).

I'd welcome more comments on things that I may need to change to get things moving again.

Thanks again.

  MichelleC 17:48 09 Dec 2003

Are you rendering to the same or another hd? Try rendering to the opposite hd. The dma option on hd's can revert to PIO (which would cause this long render)even when previously 'checked' due to certain updates.

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