Renaming pictures

  traceywin 22:03 25 May 2010

After I have downloaded my pictures I need to rename them. When I do the picture disappears and I get a symbol which when I click on it it tells me that no preview available and when I double click it asks what programme to use to open the file. I am using a laptop running Windows XP and don't have this problem with (what I call) my main computer running the same programme. I find if I put the pictures on my main computer it renames them and I then have to use a memory stick to transfer them over. I hope there is a simple answer and just a button to press to rectify it but look forward to hearing any replies. Many thanks.

  mgmcc 22:47 25 May 2010

It sounds as though you are changing the whole filename, including the extension (probably .jpg), so that Windows no longer recognises the file type.

This may be because, in the Laptop, you have Windows Explorer set to "Hide extensions for known file types".

If so, open Windows Explorer and from its menus select "Tools > Folder Options". Click the View tab and untick the box "Hide extensions for known file types".

  Forum Editor 22:47 25 May 2010

ordinary image files? If you download from the internet the images will almost always be in .jpg format, and provided you don't remove the .jpg when you rename an image Windows XP will open it without any trouble.

A common error is to rename a picture from say 'mypicture.jpg' to 'picture of me', and forget to keep the .jpg at the end of the name. Windows then has a problem, because it doesn't know what the file type is.

Could this be what is happening?

  Forum Editor 22:48 25 May 2010


  traceywin 07:29 26 May 2010

Thank you for your answers. By putting jpg after my new name I can now keep the picture. I knew it would be something simple. I find it strange that I have to do this on my laptop but not my main computer but now I know I don't care. Thank you again.

  jack 08:43 31 May 2010

If an image file does not come up because of a missing extension- Then I find Irfanview will like as not be able to read it and ask if you would like to rename it.
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  defendor 07:19 02 Jun 2010

The easiest way is to open the image in MS paint (one by one) Hit File-->Save AS-->Jpeg and the name of the image(photo) you want..

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  gazzaho 17:30 02 Jun 2010

Funny thing is Windows 7 lets you rename a file, be it .jpg or .avi or whatever without changing the file extension. On Windows XP, and possibly Vista, I can't remember, when you right click and select rename the whole file name including the extension is highlighted for change, on Windows 7 only the name itself is highlighted, is your laptop is running Windows 7 and your desktop Vista/XP?

This might be the reason why one machine behaves differently.

  Taff™ 19:07 06 Jun 2010

I find that when I download the photos from the camera they all follow the DSC0100101,DSC 0100102 etc pretty useless. I use Irfanview to "Batch Rename" them to something like Carnival01, Carnival02 etc. or something mere relevant for the majority of picture.

Then in Windows Explorer select the file, press F2 Key, and differentiate them by changing the numerical part of the file name. Might be of use instead of right and left clicking to rename them.

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