Renaming Files

  PaulOwen 19:33 27 May 2004

I have aload of music files which are named artist-title i.e Faithless-Insomnia is there any way I can change them so that they are title-artist i.e Insomnia-Faithless as a job lot rather than renaming them all individually so thet I can have the titles of songs in alphebetical order rather then artist? Thanks

  Cook2 19:37 27 May 2004

Right click on the song Icon and go down to rename.

  PaulOwen 19:39 27 May 2004

Thanks Cook2 but that wasn't what I asked!

  Cook2 19:40 27 May 2004

Sorry, I should have read ALL your thread.

I haven't yet found a way of renaming in a 'job lot'.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:47 27 May 2004

click here for Oscar's renamer.

It will be a two step job: first of all, use Oscar to remove the artist name which will leave just the title. Then use Oscar to put in the artist, but after the title. I hope that is clear...

  johnsims 19:59 27 May 2004

If all the files are in the format
[artist name] - [title] ie with a dash separating the name and the title in every case, you couldn't you do the job with a batch file from the command prompt? There was an article coveing this in PC World (The mag) in the last couple of months. In the hands on section, written by Tim Knott. You might find it by searching the PCW site.

  PaulOwen 20:05 27 May 2004

Thanks Diodorus Siculus I have downloaded Oscar but I don't know how to do it.

  TomJerry 20:09 27 May 2004

ckrename click here

bulkrename click here

  PaulOwen 20:38 27 May 2004

Thank you all for your help I have tried all your suggestions but I just don't know how they work! They all seem very complicated! I guess I will have to do them all one by one.

  Tony uk 22:47 27 May 2004

Try this paul you might find it helpful click here

  Tony uk 22:50 27 May 2004

Sorry wrong link try this click here

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