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  Ant two 16:54 27 Nov 2004

I have just fitted a new hard drive and set it up as slave, leaving my original hard drive as it was, partitioned. It was originally my c drive and d drive, but after running fdisk and formatting my new drive I find windows (ME) has named my new hard drive as d and my old d as e. This is ok except everything now on my e drive is addressed as d. Is there an easy easy way for me to rename them.

  pj123 18:32 27 Nov 2004

No, the only way to keep your original drive as C and D is to fdisk and set up your new hard drive as logical drives, otherwise your original drive C will stand but the new hard drive will become D and then the partition on C will become E and if you partition the new hard drive that will then become F etc....

Computers always look for physical hard drives first and then logical drives.

  QuickHare 19:06 27 Nov 2004

Sadly, it won't be easy. The easiest thing you can do is to open every readable configuration file and use Find and Replace in your favourite basic word processing tool. Howeve, even if this worked, you then have to do the same in the Registry and all the encoded/encrypted files, too.

The easiest thing to do is to reinstall the software onto Drive E and hope that this updates these settings. If this does not work, then you might have to think of another method.

  Technotiger 19:13 27 Nov 2004

Hi, there is an easy way to rename drives in XP but I am not sure about ME. If you right-click on My Computer and can then see Manage let me know and I can then tell you the rest. This is only cos I am not sure what's in ME.

  Zak 21:03 27 Nov 2004

Please have a look here:

click here

I am using this program successfully with Win98se. In fact since Jan 04 with no probelms. You can even change drive letters on the hoof in Windows.

  Ant two 13:07 28 Nov 2004

Hi Technotiger, when I right click there is no manage.

  Ant two 13:11 28 Nov 2004

Hi Zak, I've downloaded letter assigner and it seems a great little program but when I save my new letters and reboot,it has only renamed drives other than hard drives. Drives C D and E revert to their original letters. Am I missing something?

  Zak 15:20 28 Nov 2004

That's funny, provided you save and reboot it should work.

Here are a few things to check:

1. When renaming, did you rename all affected drive letters including the changed ones on your new hard drive? To carry this out I had to temporarily change one of the dives to a letter beyond th actual last drive. E.G. Actual last drive L, therefore one of the drives you are changing should be say P. Once you have done all the others rename P to what you want it to be under your new scheme of things. You can carry all this out and once every drive has the name you want, then save and reboot.

2. Your os is still on drive C.

3. Check autoexec.bat file, there should be a line containing letter assigner details

4. Config.sysy should show lastdrive=Z

5. In DOS the original drive letters remain, it is only once booted into windows that the effects take place.

  Ant two 19:00 29 Nov 2004

Hi there pj123. Following on from your comment, how would I format the new drive as a logical drive. I am wondering if I was to remove the new hard drive, would windows simply revert to labelling my original drive as C and D? So far, I have not put anything onto the new drive.

  pj123 17:34 30 Nov 2004

Yes, if you remove the new hard drive and reboot you would be back to where you were, C and D.

The easiest and best way to do what you want is to download a bootdisk for Win98 from click here and then disconnect your original hard drive and connect your new hard drive as the master. Make sure your BIOS starts from floppy and boot with the bootdisk.

Type fdisk and partition your drive as logical (not primary), follow the prompts. I haven't done this for ages myself but you shouldn't have a problem.

When that has finished and you have formatted the new disk replace your original hard disk as the master and the new disk as slave and reboot.

You should now have your original hard disk as C and D and your new hard disk as E (and if you partitioned it F).

If you need more info please email me via the envelope.

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