Renaming Drive letter

  hinny 09:16 03 Aug 2004

Since I installed the program "Nikon View " that came with my new camera, the cd-r drive which was "e" is now Nikonview(e), Can any anyone tell me how this has happened and how to get rid of the Nikonview part ?. Thank you

  hinny 09:17 03 Aug 2004

Sorry about the repeat, it was slowing in going so I "clicked" again.

  temp003 09:38 03 Aug 2004

It sounds silly, but I assume you have removed the CD from the drive?

  Graham ® 11:50 03 Aug 2004

You will need the Nikonview drive if you are going to download pictures from the camera. You can change drive letters by Start, right click My Computer, Manage. Right click a drive, select 'Change drive letter...'.Any shortcuts on the desktop may need their paths changing.

  Djohn 12:28 03 Aug 2004

The E drive will show as "Nikon View E" while the CD is still in the drive. Make sure it's removed, reboot if necessary and it will then show as just your E drive.

When you plug the camera in [Or card reader] it will not affect your E drive but come up as a separate drive with a new letter.

  hinny 20:12 03 Aug 2004

No the cd is not inthe drive, in fact I have since uninstalled NikonView a long while ago as it slowed the computer really badly. I use the card reader ports on the computer to download photos, I have not actually used the camera to download, I only installed NikonView for the viewer and as I said the computer was markedly slower. Since then the cd drive is stll reading as NikonView. It's not affecting anything, but it is niggling at me !!!!, Thank you for replying, I will try and rename, to what I am not sure ! Cheers.

  hinny 20:23 03 Aug 2004

I did what you suggested but got so far , couldn't find change drive letter. OS is XP home.Cheers

  VoG II 21:10 03 Aug 2004
  hinny 10:14 04 Aug 2004

Vog, found it, and decided I am not experienced enough to do it, I am not computer literate enough to take the chance, though I still cant work out what did it, as I said I do not even use the Nikon View cd, I use ACDS. Cheers

  cga 10:25 04 Aug 2004

On every system that I set up I always rename the CD/DVD drive letters (read = R: , write = W:).

This saves a lot of confusion and rarely do they get in the way of anything else.

The method that Graham ® mentions should work for this.

  Graham ® 12:03 04 Aug 2004

Is this name on a desktop shortcut? If so, right click on it and select 'Rename'.

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