rename music files

  adamagain 22:45 26 Jan 2006

need to know how to change all the individual file
I know how to change one by one but is there away to do them all together

I need to change them as when I try to copy to the mp3 player it keeps asking do you want to replace the file as they are already there

  silverous 23:15 26 Jan 2006

YOu'll find things like this:

click here

Another way would be to go to that directory from a command prompt and rename them that way.

I'm not sure why you want them on the player if they are already there though?

  adamagain 23:32 26 Jan 2006

What i mean is when i rip them they always start with 1 2 3 etc So when i did the next batch the same thing happens
So if you then try to drag to your mp3 it says these are already there, because the first lot were saved as 1,2 ,3 etc
So it asks do you want to overrite
see what i mean

  Skyver 23:41 26 Jan 2006

This renamer is small & simple click here

  Damn Machine 01:11 27 Jan 2006

Whatever application you're ripping the music files with will probably let you define what names the file is given.

For Windows Media Player: Tools/Options/Rip Music/File Name - my experience would suggest that artist, album name, track number, track name is the most useful combination.

Additionally, if you get the settimgs right in WMP whatever changes you make in the library are also made to the files themselves. It's all fairly straight forward if you read through the options.

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