rename multiple files

  Muzziad 14:32 06 Aug 2003


i need to add something to the beginning of the filenames of a large number of files, while keeping the original names as part of the name.

i.e. change abcdefg.jpg to {holiday}abcdefg.jpg

does anyone know how, or if, this can be done?

  Taff36 14:54 06 Aug 2003

Not sure if you can do them in batches but the quickest way I`ve found to do them individually is this.

In Explorer select your first file & right click.
Press Home Key and type in "Holiday - " as your example.
Before you press enter highlight and copy (either with a right click COPY or CTRL+INSERT keys) the wording you have just typed. This puts it on the clip board.Then press ENTER and the first file is renamed.

Now right click other files individually select RENAME then HOME and paste from the clip board. I choose to use the keyboard shortcuts because it is quicker and I can get into a Rhythm.

Hope this helps.

  JoeC 14:56 06 Aug 2003

the downloads section of this site, you will find a file for renaming multiple files.

  Taff36 14:59 06 Aug 2003

Sorry - The keyboard shortcut to paste I use is SHIFT+INSERT keys but CTRL+V & CTRL+C also work

  Muzziad 15:01 06 Aug 2003

thanks for the tip, it makes doing them individually a bit quicker. unfortunately it doesn't work for batches of differently named files.

  The Sack 15:07 06 Aug 2003

Select all the files you want to rename, while they are all highlighted right click on the first file and select rename. Call it what you like and all the files will be renamed whatever you called the first one but numbered in order as well.

  The Sack 15:10 06 Aug 2003

oh sorry, just seen you wanted to keep the original name :-\

  Taff36 15:19 06 Aug 2003

Nice program. That will make renaming site photos a pleasure.

The program is in the File Management section of Downloads look under CK. It works in XP Pro too.

The Sack
Another excellent tip. Could be useful too

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