Rename folder in Documents and Settings

  micktrish 19:15 16 Feb 2007

Anybody any idea how to change the name on a folder in Documents and Settings on C drive iam using Win XP Home

  brundle 19:28 16 Feb 2007

Can you be more specific...these are system files, you can change locations of some of the default folders with TweakUI if that is what you mean; click here

  Graham. 19:29 16 Feb 2007

Right click, Rename.

  micktrish 19:37 16 Feb 2007

yes its a system folder i managed to right click and change the my documents folder but cannot change the name of the documents and settings folder

  Graham. 20:31 16 Feb 2007

Not sure what you are trying to achieve. If by a System folder you mean a part of Windows, it will not let you rename it. That would stop Windows running.

Could you post a screenshot of the folder?

  Eric10 20:39 16 Feb 2007

If you mean that you want to change the username folder then you can't. You will need to create a new user with the required name then transfer anything you want to keep to that user. click here for info on how to do it.

  micktrish 09:32 17 Feb 2007

I think this is what i need ill give it a go tonight - thanks

  Cav1 12:49 17 Feb 2007

I am having problems renaming files It tells me if I change file extension the file will be unusable

  VoG II 12:51 17 Feb 2007

1. Click Start.
2. Click My Computer.
3. Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options.
4. Select the View Tab.
5. Uncheck the Hide file extensions for known file types.
6. Click OK.

Now you should be able to change the filename. Do not try changing the file extension.

  Cav1 23:43 17 Feb 2007

Thanks for the help
But its a file extension that I was wanting to rename

  terryf 00:26 18 Feb 2007

Give the name of the extension you are trying to rename but you should be aware that the file will be unusable with a program that created or uses the file when you have done it. I have knowingly changed an exe file that I was suspicious of (while I investigated it's origin and use)to exb but I know what I am doing and will change it back if I need to.
i.e if you change a jpg file to a doc file, word will not open it.

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