Rename drives

  murgle 22:04 02 Nov 2003

Is it possible to rename hard drives letters without causing problems with software loading. I have recently partitioned my hard drives and the drive letters are all over the place.


  Gaz 25 22:09 02 Nov 2003

How, I hear you asking?

In XP and 2000 you can rename the letters in the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel which is accesible from the start menu. Then go to Computer Management > Disk Management to change drive letters. It should just be right click on the drive yuo wish to rename.

Hope this helps.


  murgle 22:13 02 Nov 2003

Thanks Gareth. When I try doing this, a message comes up saying that by changing the drive letter programs may not run properly. I have 2 hard drives the first drive is partitioned C & G. I have windows in C and all my program files in G. I want to rename G to D but I'm worried that the programs wont run.


  Gaz 25 22:24 02 Nov 2003

Try it.

If not go back to the old set-up.
I have never had problems with it!.



Good luck!

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