Removing Windows 98 startup Password?

  Sebire 19:40 28 Dec 2003

Does anybody know how to remove the windows 98 startup password?

  LastChip 20:32 28 Dec 2003

Go to; Control Panel; Passwords;

In the change passwords box, enter your existing password and leave the new password box and it's confirmation box blank. Click Apply OK and all should be well.

Sorry, I can't confirm this as I no longer use 98, so this is from memory, which 'aint as good as it used to be!!

  [email protected]@m 20:35 28 Dec 2003

Do you not know the password?

  BlueMeanie 20:42 28 Dec 2003


Option 1

Start, Find, Files, Named *.pwl

This will find all windows passwords - you will probably see your name listed here. Simply DELETE all the found files and your password will be removed.

When you next reboot, when windows asks for a password simply press the ENTER key (do NOT enter any password) windows will not not ask you again.

Option 2
If you have an active network card installed, right click on Network Neighborhood, select Properties, and change the Primary Network Logon to "Windows Logon" (rather than Client for Microsoft Networks).

Regards and seasonal greetings.

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