Removing Win XP os

  joel42 08:31 30 Nov 2004

Can someone explain (in the simplest of terms)
best best way to remove Win XP from a pc and reeplace it with Win 2000. It's a new pc with no important progs on it.
any help greatly appreciated.

  temp003 08:43 30 Nov 2004

Just boot up computer with the Win2000 CD inserted (making sure in BIOS, CDROM comes before hard disk in boot priority). When you get to the Win2000 Setup welcome screen, press Enter to enter setup, F8 to accept agreement. If asked, always choose to install a fresh copy of win2000.

When asked where to install win2000, highlight C, press Enter. When warned about Windows being already on C, confirm that's what you want to do. When given formatting options, choose Format with NTFS file system. Wait for it to finish. Files will then be copied to the hard disk. Computer will need to restart. Let it do so, and leave win2000 CD in, but this time, do NOT boot from CD. Just let computer boot from hard disk. Then follow the prompts.

  temp003 08:55 30 Nov 2004

The other thing I can think of, with a new pc - IF it uses an SATA hard disk (which is getting quite common now), then when you boot up with the CD, as soon as you see files being loaded, press F6 (there's a message at the bottom of the screen prompting you). Files will continue to load and eventually you'll be asked to press S and to insert a floppy, which should have the SATA hard disk controller driver on it. Otherwise you may just end up with an error message saying no hard disk is detected.

  joel42 09:33 30 Nov 2004

Many thanks for your help

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