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  The Teacher 23:35 02 Sep 2003

Due to having BB installed recently I had cause, it was due anyway, to reinstall windows.

Once reinstalled and the software etc., put back on I installed my BB and then went to search for the desktop wallpaper I had orignally. I couldn't find it to start with so put something else on. When I did find my original wallpaper I deleted all the files I could find that related to the piece I put on after the reinstall.

Now my original wallpaper is there on my desktop BUT on start up the wallpaper I thought I had removed appears, then my wallpaper shows up and loading the system is as normal. On shut down all is normal except that before the PC turns off the wallpaper I put on after reinstall appears then the PC shuts off.

How can I remove this wallpaper? It is only there briefly and appears to be causing no harm. I have searched all my PC for the any reference to the file that it was saved under and there is nothing there.

Many Thanks

The Teacher

  Djohn 00:03 03 Sep 2003

It sounds as though you have a "Desktop" background set, and a "Theme" one as well.

Right click on your desktop, choose properties, then from the window you see, look at both "Tabs", Desktop and themes. One of them will be showing the desktop you wish to have, the other one needs to be set to "None". j.

  The Teacher 22:51 03 Sep 2003

I have had a look at the above, I don't have anything marked as themes. I have background, screensaver, appearance, effects, web and settings.

I have looked in all these but cannot the wallpaper I want removing anywhere. I have a themes icon in my windows file and it is not in there either.

Many Thanks

The Teacher

  bof:) 23:52 03 Sep 2003

Hi All,

have you tried looking in:



  leylander60 16:59 05 Sep 2003

hello-i have exactly same problem and just can't get rid of offending picture.been into regedit/hidden files/used 'extract-images'application/used spyware removal tools etc,all to no avail.just don't know where to try next.having deleted originally,have no reference file to check on. i have no 'themes'from windows cd installed,just standard ones.
keen to know if solution can be found.

  The Teacher 21:38 05 Sep 2003

Looked in Wallpaper, not there. I can find no reference at all to this anywhere, just like the message above.

The Teacher

  bof:) 20:59 06 Sep 2003

I know that this is probably a silly question but have you tried 'start...find'.. and typed in what you think the wallpaper was called?

This may point you towards a file you may have missed.


  The Teacher 23:12 06 Sep 2003

That was the first thing I did after I thought I had removed the file. I have tried all search options, looked in Windows etc., and still cannot find it.

Thanks anyway

The Teacher

  The Teacher 21:26 09 Sep 2003

Thanks for all the advise and info guys but problem is now solved.

I found the file whilst running another application. It was in the Plus! section with a file named internet wallpaper, NOT what it was named when saved.

It will be usefull to bear this in mind if a similar problem comes up and I would advise you all to make a note to check for a file named as above if you have a similar problem.

Again thanks.

The Teacher

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