Removing viruses and cleaning up PC

  ponytail 13:47 04 Sep 2013

Whenever I have a PC problem such as running slow or suspected viruses I normally take it to my local PC shop and they sort it out.What I would like to know is it possible for me to do it for myself if so how do I do it.I always run a scan on both Bullguard and malwarebytes but they have never shown any problems.Ialso run cc cleaner very regular.How do I go about removing viruses and gnerally cleaning up the PC myself or is it too difficult.I run on Windows 7

  bumpkin 14:47 04 Sep 2013

If no problems are showing what makes you think that you need to.

  Press Man 15:03 04 Sep 2013

Like bumpkin says, if nothing is found during/after your AV and malware scans then it is quite likely that there is nothing to worry about. If you are still concerned after scanning try click here or any other online scanner, just google on line AV scanners.

  ponytail 22:50 04 Sep 2013

When I move the mouse the cursor just jumps about all over the place very erratic and the sound is very muffled sometimes a system restore helps but it soon goes back to what it was.

  ponytail 22:56 04 Sep 2013

Hi Press Man clicked on your link and clicked on scan and this is the result Good news! We found no active infections on your PC Keep it clean with The New Bitdefender Internet Security

But still think something is not right

  lotvic 23:18 04 Sep 2013

re: erratic mouse: It would help if you tell us what sort of mouse, wired, wireless? or maybe you have a laptop with a touchpad and keep catching your sleeve on pad? Maybe there is a program in background taking focus off and then mouse has to catchup when that process has finished or it could be the 'snapto' feature. There are so many causes, tell us what you are doing when mouse starts to go erratic.

What are you doing when the sound goes muffled? That could be the position your speakers are in - electrical interference building up etc.

  ponytail 07:32 05 Sep 2013

Hi lotvic the mouse is a logitek M 185 wireless mouse while I was typing this I tried moving the cursor but itwas difficult getting it where I wanted it to be kept jumping.The sound problem happens when I reboot the laptop and the music the during the reboot is all muffled and if I play a music CD it is the same

  ponytail 07:34 05 Sep 2013

the cursor sometimes even moves even though I am not moving the mouse one moment it is at the top of the screen and then suddenly jumps to the bottom and the laptop is quite slow

  onthelimit1 08:09 05 Sep 2013

What happens to the cursor if you remove the wireless mouse dongle? Will prove/eliminate the mouse from the cursor equation.

  onthelimit1 08:11 05 Sep 2013

By the way, I've always been very impressed by CCleaner and Malwarebytes. I'm always suspicious of programmes that find many more errors which you then have to pay for to remove!

  michaelw 09:55 05 Sep 2013

I was always cautioned to steer well clear of registry cleaners, even the option on Ccleaner.

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