removing a user account

  bluenote 12:43 08 Jan 2009

I was recomended to create a new user account to try to solve a problem .it didn't work now i can't see how to remove it.

  DippyGirl 12:55 08 Jan 2009

Vista -
Log onto an Admin A/c
Control panel > User Accounts > Manage accounts
Double click what needs to go
Should see an option to Delete

Control panel > User Accounts
Highlight and Remove

  Taff™ 12:56 08 Jan 2009

You need to log onto the computer with another User Account that has admin rights. Then delete it from there. What was the problem you had?

  bluenote 13:04 08 Jan 2009

i am unable to send emails from my windows mail,although i can from my laptop and my xp dual boot using the same would appear that my windows mail has become corrupted .

  Taff™ 13:15 08 Jan 2009

I can`t see how setting up a new user account would have helped. I suggest that perhaps the e-mail account had become corrupted but the first solution would be to remove the e-mail account and set up a new one. (Tools Accounts, select the corrupt one and delete it) Check the settings on one of the other machines and write them all down to duplicate them on the problem machine.

  bluenote 13:16 08 Jan 2009

removed ,thanks for that .but i still have the original problem ,although partly cured using thunderbird .

  Taff™ 13:17 08 Jan 2009

By the way, I assume you could receive mail but not send. Often this is down to the setting for the outgoing server requiring authentication. Who is your ISP?

  bluenote 13:22 08 Jan 2009

i have done that several times to no effect.the on ly thing i have not tried is to uninstall windows mail and allow it to reinstall on reboot.mainly because i cant find the program file, and even if i did windows may not allow it.

  bluenote 13:29 08 Jan 2009

metronet.i have a dual boot system with XP ,also my laptop running vista both with no problem sending and receiving from the same connection.this problem suddenly happened three or four days ago.

  bluenote 13:43 08 Jan 2009

I think that i have cracked it .i was putting smpt.xxxx as instructed .when i changed it to it started working .thanks for input taff

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