Removing unwanted vulgar advertising links on Facebook

  wildhouse 16:21 04 Nov 2012

Apologies - this is probably the wrong forum but I don't know where to post to get help with this. Can anyone help me? I have started getting vulgar ads on my Facebook homepage - pictures and Youtube links of women in vulgar poses are constantly on my homepage. I have never clicked on any link to induce this. Anyone know how I can get rid of them? It has got to the stage that I am going to stop using Facebook as I don't like being confronted with these ads. Thanks for any help

  johnnyrocker 19:00 04 Nov 2012

you could try a security sweep with whatever you have as you may have picked up a dodgy programme somewhere along the line.


  wildhouse 20:57 04 Nov 2012

Showing my ignorance now - what is a security sweep?

  Border View 22:44 04 Nov 2012

Click on the little down arrow at the top right of the post you will get a drop down menu - click on report story and hide.

  lotvic 23:45 04 Nov 2012

Borderview, do you mean in Facebook to report the ad/story?

  rdave13 10:37 05 Nov 2012

I don't use Facebook but this is interesting reading, it relates to Chrome, but could be extensions/plugins on other browser, click here.

  wildhouse 17:12 05 Nov 2012

Hi rdave. I have checked and don't have either of these extensions enabled in Chrome. Typically the video links are not showing at the moment so will check them when they do. Sometimes it is just a picture that pops up - it is where there is often an ad, but there is drop down list on the top right so no arrow to report it as spam. However, I also use Firefox, and the picture ad is often there, too, although I don't think I have spotted the video links there so far. Will check again later. Thanks for all suggestions.

  Border View 22:07 05 Nov 2012

Sorry I've just got back to you. Yes I mean the posts on Facebook. At the top right of each post is a little arrow, click on that and you get a drop down menu. When you have clicked on report posting and then hide, the post is hidden. You then get the choice of hiding all posts from that particular site.

  wildhouse 22:25 05 Nov 2012

Hi Borderview It was not the actual posts that were unwanted, it was adverts. Think I have found the reason thanks to rdave13. I disabled an extension called Bit Accelerator which was on both Firefox and Google Chrome about 90 minutes ago and the adverts have not returned. On Googling Bit Accelerator, it says it is something to do with video downloads - it must have snuck in when I downloaded a Youtube clip! Thanks to all for your help.

  rdave13 22:54 05 Nov 2012

Glad it's sorted wildhouse. Check your programs and features to see if it is listed there and uninstall it. While you're there scan to see if any other program is listed you're not sure of then check with Google.

As johnnyrocker said earlier, I'd also run scans with your security program/s, just to be sure.

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