Removing the underline from a link

  Legolas 22:08 29 Sep 2003

Is there a way to remove an underline from a link and if so how?

  Legolas 22:21 29 Sep 2003

Ok folks I done what I should have done before posting and searched on google and found what I needed you just add STYLE="TEXT-DECORATION: NONE after your link address i.e. <a href="search.html"STYLE="TEXT-DECORATION: NONE">Search the web or the Bible</a><br>

  Sir Radfordin 22:49 29 Sep 2003

You can also add in:

a:link { image-decoration: none; color : #0066CC; background : #F0FFFF; }
a:visited { image-decoration: none; color : #0066CC; background : #F0FFFF; }
a:hover { image-decoration: none; color : red; background : #F0FFFF; }
a:active { image-decoration: none; color : #0066CC; background : #F0FFFF; }


between the <head> </head> tags and it will sort out all your links.

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