Removing Thermal Interface from CPU

  dregn 20:31 23 Nov 2003

I wish to change the heatsink on a 1.8 P4 processor.
What is the best way of cleaning up the face of the CPU before fitting the new heatsink?
Incidentally, is it worth 'lapping' the heatsink or is this just for perfectionists ?
Any advice much appreciated.

  hector 911 20:53 23 Nov 2003

run pc for a while to heat processor, scrape off as much as you can with "hard plastic scraper"

and You can get products to clean off paste.

as for lapping, if you have got a spare couple of hours to do it properly, providing you don`t make the surface worse ! on you go.

As you say, you would have to be an overclocker to appreciate about 5c of a difference.

  dregn 07:25 24 Nov 2003

Many thanks for your help. I think I'll give 'lapping' a miss !

  Jester2K II 08:06 24 Nov 2003

Use Isopropanol on a cotton swab to remove the paste. Not White Spirit or Nail Polisher remover.

Whats "lapping"??

  ardvarc 08:21 24 Nov 2003

I bought 500ml of Isopropyl alcohol for £4.99 at my local chemist. They recommended it. This was the smallest amount they could order and is the best for cleaning old thermal paste off CPU's and heatsinks. Use it with cotton buds.

  dregn 12:55 24 Nov 2003

'Lapping' - as I understand it is a process whereby one removes imperfections from the base of a heatsink. The object is to improve thermal conductivity.
This is effected by a rather tedious 'sanding' of the base using wet and dry abrasive paper on a piece of plate glass. This is done wet and uses successive papers of grits starting around 400 and going down to 2000 or so. This last ( very fine ) is used in car paintwork finishing I believe.
It can take an hour or more, apparently.
I have only read of the procedure so I do not write from experience !

  Jester2K II 17:16 24 Nov 2003


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