Removing telephone number from eBay seller's view?.

  spuds 19:55 08 Jul 2014

I have used eBay for many years, and thought that I knew my way around the way things work?.

Recently I made a purchase and the seller (Argos outlet?) requested that I provided a telephone number via payment request and confirmation before the sale could be completed. I provided this telephone number.

Since then the telephone number as appeared on every transaction, which I do not want.

Previously I was able to delete the contact number, now I seem not able to do so. Ebay as been of no help, and Paypal have yet to return my request for help.

Does a member on this forum know the method to remove the telephone details. Any help appreciated.

  spuds 10:49 09 Jul 2014


It doesn't help, I have tried all that. When I contacted eBay yesterday, their support phonelines were showing a 14 minute delay, so I went via the 2 minute delay chatline. Apparently the overseas call centre adviser said "nothing could be done", yet I have had similar problems in the past and had a solution to resolve the issue of removal. But it looks like things have changed now, hence my request. The annoying thing about the chatline yesterday, was the fact it was taking the chatline adviser quite some time to respond to my questions, and I was apparently 'timed-out'.

PayPal have been informed to see if anything can be done at their end.I am waiting their response to an support email that I sent to them. With the PayPal account there is an option to remove telephone numbers, but you must have one telephone number for PayPal account communications. On this option there is the facility for 'remove', but if you use that facility a pop-up asks if you want to remove, then states that you cannot?.

  spuds 16:17 09 Jul 2014

Received a response from PayPal, and they have suggested 'Go to your account' click 'Profile' then 'Update' beside phone, the 'Remove'.

I have attempted that previously, but one phone number on the account must remain. There is nothing about the phone number being provided to sellers.

Gone back to PayPal for further help. eBay support doesn't seem interested!.

Still wondering if anyone else as had this similar problem recently, and had a solution?.

  spuds 16:42 09 Jul 2014

MechKB2- The telephone number appears with the address details that any item's are to be delivered to. Argos outlet and another dealer wanted the telephone details for their courier's?.

I have just gone through all the procedures again on eBay and PayPal, and it would appear that it is something to do with PayPal. I am waiting for a further response from PayPal?.

Whats annoying is that I could remove the details after a sale, and re-insert when required previously, for some reason I cannot do this now myself, or it would seem so?.

  Batch 09:53 10 Jul 2014

My phone number appears on all address labels originated from ebay purchases and possibly also other non-ebay purchases where I use paypal.

I did see if there was anyway to remove (or even change) my number on ebay / paypal, but no joy. As I recall, when I first set up ebay / paypal (9 years ago), part of the user verification process entailed giving them a landline phone number which they then called on (using an automated process) to supply a code to be entered on the screen.

  spuds 11:24 10 Jul 2014


Yes its correct that you have to provide at least one primary telephone contact number for PayPal verification, you can supply both landline or mobile if you wish. PayPal give you the option to remove one at anytime, but one must remain.

My problem started when recently asked to provide a telephone number at the point of payment, for what I believed the seller wanted for their courier delivery purpose. I have had this in the past, and was able to remove the telephone details after the sale had gone through, I seem as though I cannot now longer do this.

A typical example is looking at some confirmations and no sellers telephone numbers are shown, and more so if its a private individual selling an item. To get their contact details, I have had to send an email via eBay for the initial first contact, before I am able to arrange collection.

I can only assume that through the recent changes, the facility for removing the telephone number was perhaps 'left out'?.

The annoying thing for me personally, is that I had a personal contact number for resolving issues that worked very well. This was Eire based, but the number provided is no longer in use?.

  spuds 15:45 12 Jul 2014

I have finally got the answer to the problem mentioned, via a ebay community member who was responding to another ebay member, who had the same problems.

Pity that ebay adviser's or PayPal could offer no advice or assistance?.

Here goes for anyone in the same situation: When you make a purchase a pop-up screen will appear, giving your delivery details, beside that in small print, is the option to 'change' the delivery details. Click on that and another pop-up screen will appear where you able to delete or change delivery details, including telephone contact details.

I knew that I was able to do this in the past, but must have forgotten how. Simple when you are reminded!.

It isn't very clear at the start, and the ebay community support member had apparently taken this up with ebay, and eventually found a solution themselve?.

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