Removing Suggested ULR's using Google Chrome

  car24winsagain 15:54 23 Jun 2017

I use Google Chrome for my ULR viewing. When I start typing in the address field it lists suggested ULR's in a drop down below. Even if I type in a single letter. Some of the suggested ULR's are preceded by a blank page with a folded down corner. It is as if they are from some type of bookmark or history.

I am needing to delete many of these ULR's so that they don't show up in the drop down list.

Any suggestions.

FYI - some had a STAR in front of the ULR and I was able to delete these via Bookmark Manager.

  Belatucadrus 16:36 23 Jun 2017

The folded page icon indicates it's a page from your viewing history. To see your history as a list type Chrome:History into the address bar then hit enter. The list will then open and you can selectively delete certain individual pages or clear the lot.

  car24winsagain 16:43 23 Jun 2017

Thanks for the reply.

I clear my history regularly (almost daily) and even this morning but these items still appear in the drop down list. It is as if they are in some hidden history that I cannot see.

  Belatucadrus 16:55 23 Jun 2017

Clearing history should do it, certainly does on my machines, Is Chrome synced with another device ?

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