Removing scratches from a CD

  [email protected] 15:16 22 Oct 2008

Are there any preparations on the market to remove scratches from a CD without removing the ability to format or record to the disc?

  smokingbeagle 16:49 22 Oct 2008

click here

Usually available at Woolworths.

No guarantees of course.

  BT 17:12 22 Oct 2008

Is it really worth it. For £9.99 you can buy an awful lot of new ones. Unless its a disc with unrepeatable stuff on it, its hardly cost effective.

  Pineman100 17:45 22 Oct 2008

Is there something valuable on the disk? If not, then I completely agree with BT.

  Pine Man 19:22 22 Oct 2008

T Cut did it for me! It was good enough to enable me to copy the important stuff from the disk and put it on a new one.

You don't need a lot and what is left over is great for restoring the finish to your cars paintwork;-))

  amonra 19:30 22 Oct 2008

I've had quite a bit of success with toothpaste. Gentle rubbing from the inside towards the outside, nothing drastic, take your time. Possibly a second or third polish might be necessary. Try it !

  lamond 19:38 22 Oct 2008

There is a Disc Repair Systenm called SKIPDR. which I bought for a tenner a few years ago in PC World. It works. I am sure it will still be available

  laurie53 19:59 22 Oct 2008

Any halfway decent plastic polish should achieve this.

  karmgord 20:22 22 Oct 2008

IMPORTANT if you do try to clean your disc DO NOT clean/polish in a circular motion but clean/polish from side to side the turn the disc and repear,that way the error correction may be able to work on the drive .

  CurlyWhirly 11:05 23 Oct 2008

A while ago, I bought a DVD from and this had a minor scratch on it.

I could have sent it back for a replacement but as I had already had Skip Doctor in the house, I thought I'd try it out and it worked.

click here

  Chris the Ancient 12:07 23 Oct 2008

I have used the Skip Doctor with some success as well.

However, deep scratches I have found to be a bit beyond its capabilities.

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