removing restart from shutdown menu

  galatic door 14:54 29 Sep 2003

Hi all,
is there any way of modifying the registry so that when i go to start- shutdown and the dialog appears there is no option to restart the computer?
i am running windows 98se

any help appreciated



  Chris the Ancient 15:13 29 Sep 2003

Not a particularly good idea in my mind. There are occasions where, when you have done something a bit 'iffy' or loaded some new software or driver, you need a restart.

Go on, give me loads of good reasons for wanting to remove restart ;o)


  -pops- 15:15 29 Sep 2003

I agree. Restart is very important to me.

I would be surprised if its removal is an option at all.

  galatic door 15:17 29 Sep 2003

I have 200 standalone machines runnind win 98 in a open access room.
I am forever going round after the students have finished using the computer and clicked restart not shutdown. So as you can see it is very annoying and i have lost use of my index finger

  galatic door 15:18 29 Sep 2003

is that a valid reason chris???

  Chris the Ancient 15:19 29 Sep 2003

Do what I used to do when I was a trainer. Fine 'em 50p if they do it wrong - or, in desperation, whack 'em over the knuckles. LOL


  galatic door 15:21 29 Sep 2003

Practically dying with laughter when i read it.

Now i am been serious is there any way of doing it?
Maybe there is a way to modify it in the registry??

  -pops- 15:21 29 Sep 2003

"whack 'em over the knuckles"


In this litigation and compensation culture???????????????

What about their human rights?????????????????????

Are they even human??????????????????


  Chris the Ancient 15:26 29 Sep 2003

Your last question asks it all. Most of them weren't!

If they had rights, they could never tell them from their lefts - particularly with mouse buttons.

Now off to do some work and earn a crust.


  Chris the Ancient 15:29 29 Sep 2003

Serious head on for a moment...

I don't think it can be done (go on someone - prove me wrong).

Some time back I had a problem with power management and all its variations, and a lot of it is power supply, motherboard and Op Sys dependent. It seems to be a case of what you've got, you've got. As Marvin the Paranoiod Android misqutes, "Love it, hate it, you can't ignore it!"


  Chris the Ancient 15:30 29 Sep 2003

or 'misquotes'.

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