Removing " Your Own Screensaver" from Program files (86)

  dangerus1 09:33 16 Aug 2014

I downloaded a screensaver, no choice of custom install so I thought everything would be OK. The screensaver was not what I wanted so I deleted it. Now every time I boot up I get the message AVG has discovered a threat "Your Own Sreen Saver" program files (86) and tries to remove it and says "Threat has now been removed" When I reboot I still get the same message. this program does not show up in Progam Files an features in Control Panel. When I go into Program files and go down to Your Own Screen Saver and right click/delete I get the message program open and cannot delete, please close the file and try again. I cannot find another file anywhere with this name. Can anyone help me rid myself of this ?

  Secret-Squirrel 10:07 16 Aug 2014

"...........and right click/delete I get the message program open and cannot delete, please close the file and try again."

Boot into Safe Mode and try again. Hopefully the file won't be locked in that mode and you'll be successful.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:51 16 Aug 2014

It will be opening on start up Use something like CCleaner to stop it (Ccleaner is also good for removing alsorts of junk from your PC

Tools - start up highlight the program and click disable this will sto it running at start up.

on the next reboot you should then be able to remove all files and folders associated with it.

then use the registry cleaner in CCleaner to get rid of the registry entries associated with the program.

  dangerus1 20:02 17 Aug 2014

I ran SuperAntispyware and it found nothing, then I ran CCleaner and he went into "OS C" and looked in Program Files (86) it was still there but this time I was able to delete it. Whilst I was there I noticed something called "sweetpack bundle uninstaller" this doesn't seem to be causing any trouble but I have never heard of it. Should I delete this too? Thanks for the replies.

  wee eddie 23:33 17 Aug 2014

Google is your friend

  dangerus1 16:12 18 Aug 2014

wee eddie, google is always the last thing I think of as folk on here seem to have the answers.

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