Removing partition?

  seventiesdolly 10:40 28 Sep 2006

I have formatted the recovery partition on my D drive as I have all the relevant discs for future use, but how do I remove the partition so all this extra space will be on my C drive?
Thanks in advance.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:44 28 Sep 2006

If XP is already installed, you will need third party software such as PartitionMagic or Partition Manager.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:46 28 Sep 2006

Or you can boot with XP CD and begin the reinstall again; that will give you the necessary option to format the disk and make one partition out of it.

  seventiesdolly 10:51 28 Sep 2006

I have trimmed everything down to what I want on my pc after a reinstall on a new hard drive, and I want to somehow combine the now free space on D drive with drive C, which I then want to save an image of, using acronis so that I can just use that disc to bring me back where I am now...updates installed etc etc, but I don't know how to remove the partition, and I can't figure acronis out enough to save my C drive to disc - ARGH!

  Batch 10:52 28 Sep 2006

Is it not possible to just use the D drive as D: for extra space?

  seventiesdolly 10:54 28 Sep 2006

Sorry for being an utter bonehead Batch, but what do you mean? Would the extra space not be better put to use on my C?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:56 28 Sep 2006

Use Acronis to save an image of C drive to D drive and then burn that image to DVD if you can.

You can also save your data on drive D - eg my documents, any music / video you create etec.

  Diemmess 11:07 28 Sep 2006

A new HD?
Is this a separate HD from your original?
If it is, do you want to lose the empty partition on your original?

You could use Acronis to "Backup" an image of your precious C: drive onto a new folder in itself temporarily.

Then "Restore" this image to the new HD.
Set the new HD as master (disconnect the old HD to avoid confusion) and make sure the new HD behaves just like the old one with everything behaving.

At leisure you can now repartition and format the old HD using the manufacturer's own downloadable software.

  Batch 11:39 28 Sep 2006

It's quite normal for people to use several drives, the most simple is to split software and data, such as:

C: Operating System and Programs
D: Documents etc.

I would guess that as you currently stand you have everything on C:, but there is nothing to stop you using D: (unless it is some sort of special / hidden partition).

  terryf 11:44 28 Sep 2006

If you do as Diodorus Siculus suggests, you won't lose data if your OS gets a bug or crashes

  seventiesdolly 09:19 29 Sep 2006

Hi folks, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I cocked up somewhere and had to reinstall everything again (don't know what went wrong!).
Diemmess...I have just one HD installed, I had my old one replaced. I've decided to make a back up of my C drive using acronis to partition D then save it to disc as Diodorus suggested.
Thanks for all your help.

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