Removing Orbit Downloader

  NewestRoyWidd1 22:55 12 Jun 2010

Hello,for the last week or so,whenever I try to download anything using Opera,such as the update to Comodo firewall etc.I get the message that it's been transferred to Orbit Downloader.But then I cannot access the download,most annoying!
I've tried scanning with A-squared and Avast but with no success,I did a search which found Orbit in my Docs Application data,and deleted them,but the problem still remains.
Can anyone please suggest ways of getting rid of Orbit?I'm on XP Pro sp2,my default browser is Opera.I can't even download Spybot and the like.
Many thanks in advance.

  northumbria61 23:08 12 Jun 2010
  NewestRoyWidd1 23:16 12 Jun 2010

Thanks for that,but Orbit isn't in my programs lists,so can't use add/remove,and I've already deleted the folder found in my application data.Orbit still appears when trying to download anything,instead of the normal Opera download page.

  northumbria61 23:52 12 Jun 2010

Try REVO Uninstaller to remove -

click here

  cocteau48 00:14 13 Jun 2010

I was about to suggest Revo myself but if Orbit is not in your program files them I doubt it will show up in Revo either.

A reinstall of Orbit and subsequent removal with Revo may do the trick.

I am not familiar with the nuts and bolts of Opera but maybe Orbit has altered your Opera files in some way and only a reinstall of Opera will remove it or maybe there is a function within Opera to re-set the default download manager.

  NewestRoyWidd1 00:47 13 Jun 2010

Hi,I don't think Opera allows a re-set of downloads,and I can't reinstall Orbit because of the download problem,in fact I don't recall installing it in the first place.
Any more suggestions please?All greatly welcomed in the morning.

  northumbria61 08:07 13 Jun 2010

How to remove ORBIT -

click here

Follow the advice from the above link but first reinstall from here -

click here

Then use Revo.

  northumbria61 08:09 13 Jun 2010

click here

Take a look here also .

  cocteau48 08:45 13 Jun 2010

"I can't reinstall Orbit because of the download problem"

Can you not still download using IE instead of Opera?

  northumbria61 11:52 13 Jun 2010

If you have another browser installed (ie. Internet Explorer or Firefox)) why don't you uninstall Opera then reboot and install it again if you really want it - as previously said it may be something built in to Opera which is making Orbit your default download manager.

I have never used Opera so I am not aware as to how it installs it but whenever I install a program I always choose "Custom Install" to make sure I get what I want on my PC - there are always too many little boxes with ticks already in - ie. "Make this your Homepage" etc.etc. and if you choose Standard or Full installation you usually end up with a different Homepage plus toolbars you don't really want. It may simply be an add-on you need to disable which would be under "tools"

Worth a try.

  NewestRoyWidd1 13:11 13 Jun 2010

Many thanks for your help and advice,it worked perfectly!
I re-installed Orbit,then used Revo to uninstall,it's now gone from the plug-ins folder in Opera where it was residing and causing the problems.I'll tick as resolved now.

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