Removing Nero 10 Control Centre

  Ex plorer 10:08 13 Apr 2012

How the heck do you uninstall (Nero 10 Control Center) Its not in Add Remove and I cant find it in Ccleaner or Revo uninstallers.

Tried the down load tool from Nero and it said it could not find any Nero products?.

  Ex plorer 18:43 13 Apr 2012

Never used Windows Install Clean Up before but it removed some of the program. Next I deleted Nero in the start programs List.

Then went to Run entered regedit. Clicking on HKEYCURRENTUSSER.
Then clicked on Software I see Nero is still there. Opening the folder Nero.
Nero 10, Shared, AdvrCntr, and neverShowmeAgain.

Is it safe to delete this folder or be it on my head.

  KRONOS the First 08:19 14 Apr 2012

This any help? Clean up tool. It might not be quite as effective as you seem to have already removed elements of Nero, but worth trying anyway. Any folder that are left it would be safe to delete manually.

In the future if you have a troublesome program then it is always worth inserting the name and removal into Google to see if there is a removal tool.

  Ex plorer 09:34 14 Apr 2012

High Chronus Yes I did try that particular tool from Nero but it could not find any products. I downloaded it from a different sites with same result. Thanks for your feed back.

  Taff™ 10:03 14 Apr 2012

If Nero was pre-installed on a new computer and you are trying to remove it completely you need to open it to activate the programme on the computer. The you can remove it using the uninstaller. If I am on the right lines let me know the make and model of laptop. I have found that on several laptops recently even Office doesn't appear in installed programmes until you activate it. (The installer and programme is on a separate hidden partition along with other bloatware)

  Ex plorer 15:32 14 Apr 2012

Taff™ Hi yes it was on a new PC I did try to update the program with no luck.

Its on a Dell 2320 Inspiron one I will keep in mind about opening programs in the future.

I have now deleted it by running Windows Install Clean, and running Ccleaner and ASO Reg cleaner, then deleting remaining folder in the registry. Seems to have removed it if I find any further traces I will remove them as I go. Thanks for your help.

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