Removing Nasa world wind?.

  ?. 19:00 18 Jun 2006

I have NASA world wind, and I now want to get rid of it

The problem is that it does not have any un-install option in the menu's or in its program folders, and it is not on add/remove programs.

Does anybody know how to remove it?


  ?. 21:29 18 Jun 2006

anyone know how to???

  skidzy 21:48 18 Jun 2006

Have you tried using ccleaner and looking under uninstall to see if it it listed. click here

Alternatively you may like to try the Start > search > and tick show hidden files...type Nasa Worldwind and delete all it finds

  skidzy 21:56 18 Jun 2006

You could try this also.... click here

* open the misc tiools option

* open uninstall manager

* highlight Nasa Worldwind

* delete this entry

Hope this helps

  ?. 22:34 18 Jun 2006

It is not on those programs either.

I think I mite just be able to delete all the files and be done with it as it appears as if it has no registry entries.

  spuds 23:31 18 Jun 2006

Could be wrong here, but I thought it was in add/remove, or at least I think it was when I removed it from my computer.

  Julip 00:43 19 Jun 2006

I've just checked my control panel and it is on my add/remove programs list.

Not sure why it isn't on yours.

  ?. 14:15 19 Jun 2006

I will try and re-install it see if it then appears, if this does not, I shall just delete the files.

Thanks for the help

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