Removing a hard drive

  [DELETED] 00:55 10 Mar 2006

Hello,my cousin's hdd is 5 years old,and due to be replaced,if it's removed,and replaced with a new one,how much information will remain on her system before the drive is installed?
And how easy is it to transfer everything to the new drive?She's on XP Home.
Many thanks,NRW

  [DELETED] 01:17 10 Mar 2006

What you need to do first is to slave the new drive to the old one. When you buy the new one get the shop to adjust the jumper to the slasve position and suply the cable to connect the two drives together. Also ask for guidlines on instalation and formatting, th new drive will need to be formatted before use.

Once installed and you know that it works, get your system disk and put the os on to the new drive. Once that is done install all programs that you presently use to the new drive and then simply transfer data files from one drive to the other. When you are happy that all is well, reconfigure the new drive to Master and remove the old drive. All should be well; it sounds complicated but isn't really, you just need to be organised and it does take some time to do.

The important part is having everything to hand and take your time in doing things, that way you will not lose any vital data, backup imprortant data files first though if you have not done so already!

Hope this helps.

  [DELETED] 01:21 10 Mar 2006

Jak_1;Yes thanks,that is perfect.I'll email it to her later today,I think she'll manage ok,living over a 100 miles away,she'd better lol.
Thanks once again,NRW

  [DELETED] 09:44 10 Mar 2006

Jak_1 is correct in his/her method, but, there is an easier method. If you purchase a 'Maxtor' hard drive. Download Maxblast 4 from the maxtor web site. Follow Jak_1 instuctions for setting the new drive as 'Slave'. Run Maxblast 4 and there is an option for transferring everything on to your new hard drive. (Operatig System, the lot). Once it is done you can set your new hard drive as Master. I would set the old hard drive as 'Slave' and you have a ready made backup if anything goes wrong with your new hard drive. Cheers, Bill

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