Removing floppy drive A

  Daiol 16:09 06 May 2010

Hi,Just went to remove my floppy disc drive as I dont intend using it any longer.Removed drive okay I just unpluged the cables from the rear of the drive and slid it out through the fron,Left the cbles alone just anchored them safely away from any fans etc.
Now when i start up pc I get a black screen asking me to press F1 to continue or F8 to do another task.How can i stop this from happening,gone into device manager and disbled the floppy drive and the drive dont show up under my compter,Its just the screen with the F1 etc does this mean going into registry or somethig if so can i have help explaing what to do please.
Running windows xp pro fully updated.

  G4V1N 16:21 06 May 2010

What is the make and model of you motherboard??

  Sea Urchin 16:25 06 May 2010

You should be able to go into the BIOS and find your drives listed, then select the A drive and select none\disabled (whatever option you get). That should stop it finding and looking for something that isn't there and hopefully cure your problem.

  bremner 16:28 06 May 2010

You need to remove or disable it in the BIOS

  bremner 16:28 06 May 2010

You were too quick

  Daiol 16:30 06 May 2010

What i can tell you is Its a pc engineer build and the mother board info that i got is Biostar MCP6P M2+,Any help.

  Daiol 16:31 06 May 2010

Can you please asist me with going into Bios.thanks

  G4V1N 16:34 06 May 2010

Go into Bios and turn it off from there. as there will be a option for it.

then that should solve your problem

and if the same thing comes up it may just need a new bios battery

as i know somone who has had the same problem but it was his bios battery..


  Daiol 16:46 06 May 2010

Hi Guys,Thanks for all the prompt replies,I took a gamble went into Bios settings and woked fine.I did a google to find my way around the Bios method.
Thankyou all once again,Dont know what sort of mess we would be in if it wasn't for your help on these forums.Well done once again many thanks.daiol.A Big Ta from wales.

  Daiol 12:20 07 May 2010

Hi.Just an update on the above,Thought I'd let you all know that all is working fine.
Thanks again,d.

  Sea Urchin 13:06 07 May 2010

Glad to hear that's sorted - thanks for the feedback

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