Removing a FAT 32 basic partition

  silliw 21:50 16 Feb 2003

Some time ago I formatted my 20G XP pro drive partition C: NTFS 15G and D: FAT32 5G. I no longer have a use for the two partitions and now wish to restore the C: to 20G. The D drive is clean and does not carry page file but am not able to delete it in disk managment. XP tells me to review the error log which makes no sense to me.

Prior to deleting the partition, I have closed all utilities that may be monitoring the drive such as Norton AV and Roxio Goback but still no success.

Please help

  AMD_MAN23 22:11 16 Feb 2003

I have had hard drives that are anable to be deleted before and this was due to roxio goback but havnt tried to delete a secondry partition on a drive that enables it, try doing it from dos using your windows boot floppy.


  temp003 05:43 17 Feb 2003

You may have done this alreay, but what about turning off Norton Protection (which gives you the Norton Unerase function)? That was what prevented me from deleting a partition once using my w2k pro disk management. Norton Protection can be accessed through Recycled Bin Properties or through the Options for Norton Utilities. Turn it off for the D drive.

If you have turned off all disk utilities, it may be down to GoBack. I haven't used GoBack but I understand that it is integrated into the MBR, which sometimes prevents you from doing certain fundamental things with your system (like reinstalling Windows).

If you disable GoBack from within Windows, you need to restart for that to take effect, or disable it from the GoBack message screen after POST.

If none of this works, there's a way to force GoBack out of the MBR as a last resort. Post back if you think GoBack is the culprit.

By the way, how are you going to merge the unpartitioned space into C after deleting D? Although XP Pro allows you to extend a simple volume on a dynamic disk using unpartitioned space, it does not allow you to extend the boot or system volume (your C is both). At least that's my understanding.

If you're using third party software to merge, then you don't need to delete the partition, just convert it or reformat it to NTFS, and merge (although trying to reformat may still give you the same problem).

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